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About The Trainer, Tim Wigren

Tim has had horses his entire life and spent much of his early years learning to work with unbroke horses and riding all seats and many breeds. At 15 he was named Thurston County & Washington State 4-H Champion in Saddle Seat Equitation, and that dedication and love of the Arabian horse resulted in his seeking apprentice positions with many different trainers and facilities including Jeff Tracy and Sweet Home Arabians.

In 1989, Tim struck out on his own and Command Performance was born! Originally located in Northwest Oregon, Tim began racking up wins on the "A" circuit at the local and national levels while making a name for himself as a coach of youth and adult amateur riders with a barn dedicated to individual achievement as well as fun while learning. Tim was beginning to be sought after for judging and clinics and became well known as a trainer and judge who would give a lot of time to any person who needed assistance whether they rode with his barn or not. As his reputation grew so did his desire to have his own facility, so in April 1998, Tim and Rachel moved Command Performance to its current location and were married in the arena on horseback in September of that year and welcomed their son, Tanner, in October of 2000.

Since that time, Command Performance has grown steadily and continued it's reputation for matching horses and riders, starting horses gently, and being a positive place for horses and riders to learn together—at the same time amassing an impressive number of Championships in the showring at all levels and with several breeds though with a special focus on Arabian and Pinto horses. Judging assignments have grown and Tim is a carded Gypsy Vanner and POA judge as well as continuing to be a sought after clinician travelling all over the Northwest and beyond to share his knowledge, crazy sense of humor, and love of horses in general. Tim has also served as a board member and elected officer of several Northwest clubs and as head coach of the local high school equestrian team. 

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